Scott Hopes for Manatee School Board

Former Educator. Businessman. Fiscal Conservative. Leader.
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What Voters Are Saying

“Scott, you certainly have my support!!! Thank You for demanding accountability..” -Corie Holmes

“I do hope the voters want to move forward. Our teachers have lost so much in the past. We need a board who supports our teachers and our students. We need a superintendent who can set a budget that puts our teachers first. Please vote for Scott Hopes.” -Alice Kaddatz

“Hopes’ background as a corporate executive gave the board a much-needed injection of business acumen….Hopes also has experience in the world of education, having served as a trustee at the University of South Florida—a slot for which he was appointed by Scott in 2013—though he had to resign due to his appointment to the school board. He also brings classroom experience, having taught science for several years in Hillsborough County.”

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